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Even though a judgment may be referred to as a final divorce or a final parent-child relationship judgment, these “final” judgments can be modified. This is called a “Suit to Modify” and can be used to modify conservatorship, possession, access, and child support. It can also be used when a parent needs to relocate and the final order contains a geographical restriction.

A Suit to Modify can be filed when there is a substantial change in life circumstances. Under Texas law, these changes may include:

  • When one parent needs to relocate for either employment or other reasons, that parent would need a custody modification.
  • When a child’s needs change due to illness or other serious issues, a parent may need to file for child support modification to provide adequately for the child.
  • An unsafe or unstable home environment for a child, such as a place that lacks proper supervision, where there is violence or drug use may require a change of custody.
  • A decrease in earnings or loss of employment for a non-custodial parent may require that parent to file for a child support change.
  • A parent’s change in their criminal history record may also require a change in custody.

There are many reasons for seeking a modification of a final order. Courts can also modify custody and child support orders when the parties are in agreement and it is in the child’s best interest.

The consequences of not complying with your current order can be severe. Do not stop paying child support, relocate, or make any other changes before consulting with an experienced and capable modification attorney.

When Should You Hire A Modification Attorney To Modify A Final Order?

When the possession schedule is no longer workable or appropriate or when a change in child support is needed, we can help you modify your order to fit present circumstances. The Lyttle Law Firm can give you and your family peace of mind in navigating through the modification process. Daniella Lyttle, of the Lyttle Law Firm, has experience in assisting individuals through the modification process and can help you negotiate a modification or litigate it in Court if needed. We provide knowledgeable and responsive representation. The attorney and law firm staff make it a priority to be available for you and help you make important decisions for your modification case. Contact the Lyttle Law Firm for a one-hour consultation today.