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Family Law in Travis County

Austin TexasWith an estimated population of more than 1,020,000 as of 2010, Travis County is one of the most populous cities in Texas. Its county seat is Austin, Texas’ capital city. The county traces its rich history to William Barret Travis, a prolific commander for Texas forces during the Battle of the Alamo.

For years, our family law practice here at the Lyttle Law Firm has included assisting Travis County residents with their family law matters. We know that even under the best circumstances, cases involving family law are rarely smooth or easy to resolve. Emotions can run high, and if you go about your family law case without legal assistance, the outcome can easily do irreparable damage to your finances.

Austin family law lawyer Daniella Lyttle, of the Lyttle Law Firm, understands this problem full well, having assisted many families and clients in the Greater Austin area. A member of the Travis County Women Lawyers' Association, Ms. Lyttle handles cases involving:

  • Divorce and divorce strategy consult – The Lyttle Law Firm assists couples by developing strategies aimed at a smooth separation from their spouses. We will help you map out a plan where you are in control of your case, including your case expenses. We offer top-notch legal strategy sessions to assist you with finalization of your case, our assistance includes negotiations and preparation for mediation, which provides you an opportunity, where possible, to settle your divorce without litigation.
  • Annulment – There are certain cases where we recommend that our clients in Travis County opt for an annulment instead, voiding any record of their marriage. There are many reasons why for some people, this is a preferred way to end a relationship.
  • Child custody and relocation – Child custody can be one of the most contentious issues in a divorce. Courts will always rule in favor of the child’s best interests, but a lawyer can help establish why you deserve to have legal guardianship of your child’s care and education among others. Our firm has a lot of experience with custody matters, including custody matters involving children under the age of five. Young children can sometimes present a challenge when it comes to custody arrangements and we have the experience to draft custom agreements and schedules that will fit your family’s needs.
  • Division of property – In Texas, conjugal property is treated as community property, which means that any assets and income acquired by either spouse during the marriage are equally owned. In a divorce, these assets are divided equally, unless a reason can be found justifying a different split. We help client’s assess their particular situation and advice you when a fault ground may be warranted for an uneven distribution of marital assets.
  • Paternity rights – To seek paternity rights in Texas, biological fathers must first sign an acknowledgment form or have their signature on the child’s birth certificate upon birth. Otherwise, there may no choice but to seek paternity action. The Lyttle Law Firm can represent fathers in a lawsuit to adjudicate parentage, proving that they are the father of a child. We have years of experience helping fathers establish their parental rights and help with visitation issues and long distance visitations too.
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Family law matters can have sweeping consequences on your relationships with your spouse and children. It can also have a negative effect on your finances and assets, affecting your quality of life in ways that are hard to recover from.

You can improve the likelihood of obtaining a favorable result by enlisting the help of an experienced family law attorney. Contact the legal team of the Lyttle Law Firm for family law representation in Travis County, as well as Hays, Bastrop, Caldwell, and Williamson Counties. Call our offices today at (512) 215-5225, or use our contact form to schedule an appointment.