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Family Law in Bastrop County

Welcome to Bastrop Texas

As of 2015, Bastrop County is estimated to have a population of around 80,527 people. Its county seat, Bastrop, is a relatively small city within the Greater Austin metropolitan area, but has a surprisingly storied history of being the filming location of several notable movies.

The county is named after Felipe Enrique Neri, Baron de Bastrop, a Dutch businessman and landowner who played an instrumental role in helping Stephen F. Austin acquire land grants in Texas.

The family law attorneys of the Lyttle Law Firm offer assistance to Bastrop County families, resolving conflicts in their relationships. Our many years of experience serving the people of the Greater Austin area have taught us that family law cases are usually stressful and emotionally draining, even in situations that seem to be ideal for amicable resolutions.

Family Law Cases Handled by the Lyttle Law Firm

When facing a family law case, having a skilled ally by your side goes a long way to reaching a favorable resolution, whether it’s for a divorce, annulment, or child custody case. At the Lyttle Law Firm, Austin family law lawyer Daniella Lyttle has expertly handled cases for Bastrop County residents in the following areas of family law.

  • Divorce – Keeping a rational mind is one of the biggest challenges of a divorce, which is where an experienced lawyer can come in, making sure you present your case objectively, even in emotionally charged confrontations.

  • Annulment – A person may want to avoid the social stigma of a divorce, or feel that remarrying would be easier if they have a previous marriage declared null and void. There are very limited grounds for annulment in Texas, but those that qualify typically prefer to annul rather than divorce.

  • Property division – The process of dividing assets is one of the most contentious issues during a divorce, especially in a community property state like Texas, which treats all assets acquired during the marriage as equal conjugal property. Those with separate property have the presumption of community property to contend with and our firm has the experience with complex separate property claims both in and outside the courtroom.

  • Child custody and support – Another emotionally draining aspect of divorce is deciding on the custody and support of children. The Lyttle Law Firm is committed to protecting your child’s rights and wellbeing, working constantly with their best interests in mind. We will provide you expert advice on child support, visitation, and other unique child related visitation issues. We have helped families custom with varied schedules and needs to create custom provisions in their orders that makes it the transition for children and family easier.

  • Same sex marriage, divorce, and custody – Although same sex marriage is already legal in all states in the country, many same sex couples still face challenges, which often involve discrimination, technicalities, and other legal complications. The Lyttle Law Firm can help you address all these issues.

Set a Consultation with an Experienced Bastrop County Family Law Lawyer

Given the sensitive nature of family conflicts, it’s no surprise why family law cases often have adverse effects on a person’s relationships with their spouse, children, and other family members. These cases can also have a negative impact on a person’s finances, and when handled poorly, can easily lead to financial ruin.

These factors are just a few of the many reasons why it’s important to enlist the representation of a family law attorney. Contact the Lyttle Law Firm today to discuss your case with Daniella Lyttle. We represent clients in Bastrop County, as well as Hays, Travis, Williamson, and Caldwell Counties. Contact our offices today by calling (512) 215-5225, or by using our contact form.