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Child Custody

We understand that legal proceedings concerning your children are very stressful and emotionally draining, which is why we will help you find the best resolution as quickly and easily as possible. Attorney Daniella Lyttle is dedicated to fighting for the rights and wellbeing of your child, and we strive to always keep your child’s best interests in mind.

Your Child’s Best Interest

You’ve probably heard that term used before in legal dramas on television, and in this case, they are accurate. When courts rule in child-related cases, they rule towards what they believe are the best interests of the child. The problem here is that there is actually no categorical definition for what constitutes the “best interests” of a child, and that in every case, there are factors to consider that may affect the outcome. These factors will influence all aspects of the case related to your child, such as custody, support, relocation, and visitation rights.

These factors take into consideration the health and safety of the child, as well as their emotional attachment to each parent, their physical, mental and emotional needs, as well as their ties to other people in the household, such as siblings and other relatives. A big factor to consider is whether or not the child has been subjected to domestic violence. If the child has experienced domestic violence from one parent, this is a huge factor that goes against them.

Texas law takes into account the parent’s ability to be able to provide for their child financially. Will they be able to feed and clothe the child? Will they be able to provide adequate education, financial stability, and medical care for the child? Judges may grant custody to the parent who are able to provide for their child. In Texas, judges also take into account the mental and emotional state of the parent, and may grant custody to the parent who will experience significant emotional and psychological duress if their child is taken away from them. Many factors are considered during a custody case.

The Wishes of the Child

A child who has shown sufficient maturity and understanding of their circumstances, at times despite their age, may voice their opinion regarding whom they wish to take custody of them. There is however, a required age when a Judge is required to hear from the child if a proper motion is filed. If a judge should decide that the child has shown that they are able to make an informed decision regarding their custody, they may reward custody according to the wishes of the child; However, the best interest of the child is still the rule in Texas. A judge may find that what a child wants is not in his or her best interest.

Child custody attorney Daniella Lyttle can help you navigate the complexities of joint managing conservatorship and custody arrangements. We will work with you to implement a plan that works best for you and your family.